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exit companies

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Do not hire an “EXIT COMPANY” that has attorneys "on staff”

To open an exit company, you need nothing. No professional license, no insurance, not even a business license.


Often the “exit companies” charge exorbitant fees which they keep and pay the attorney $600. If you understand how attorneys work and are paid NO ATTORNEY would work for this amount of money other than drafting one letter. So how are you going to get out if the attorney is not property compensated and has their staff working on your case for what may be two years? You are not because no attorney would do that. What is going to happen is you are going to lose any money that you have paid and have simply donated money to this “exit company”. Often and almost always these companies are owned by former timeshare managers and salespeople. They are the very people who sold you this and are not to be trusted. The exit companies tell a good story but what you later find out is that they are simply timeshare salespeople working on the other side. Our favorite is “Do not hire the attorney directly they will be MORE expensive.” How people fall for this we cannot understand. 

They are not licensed, may have little to no education, and are not regulated at least not properly. Some are felons and operating outside of their parole agreements. They can go out of business or file bankruptcy and keep your funds regardless of a “money back guarantee” which is literally not worth the paper it is printed on. Many have went out of business/filed bankruptcy and their former “clients” call our office to tell their stories. The money you paid them has long been hidden in the form paying for marketing and other services and you will have little to no recourse to retrieve your funds. You were or will be simply scammed all over again similar to when you purchased the timeshare. It is not legal for an attorney in any state to guarantee specific performance AKA a “money back guarantee”. If you see money back guarantee it is a scam.

WHY would a timeshare company be afraid of or concerned about a letter from an exit company? Some of these timeshare companies are billion-dollar corporations with teams of attorneys. What are they going to do if the timeshare company does not comply? Nothing. But they do not care because they have your money and are good at lying to you about what is going on. 

We have a huge file with the criminal records of timeshare salespeople. Some of these people have been convicted of financial crimes. Is this who you want to provide your personal financial information to? You gave it to them one and the “exit companies” are staffed and owned by these characters. They are the same people who sold it to you. 

We have been through this before with the “Loan modification companies”. They also took the clients money and either went out of business OR filed bankruptcy. Just like the exit companies are doing right now. 

There is no recourse if an exit company takes your money and closes down. Attorneys have to answer to the BAR in their state and have professional insurance. In the event they die the State BAR’s have protocol for that scenario.

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