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Several of the major timeshare companies have programs where they are willing to take your timeshare back. It is not well advertised but the programs are available. If you want to know if you qualify for a timeshare developer relinquishment program, please call our office. We will review your scenario and if you qualify, we will refer you to the program and go over its rules at no cost to you. 

The timeshare developers will not approve you for their program if you hire an attorney or an “Exit Company.” So, you will NOT hire us; we will do the consult at no cost. 

We will not take your money if you can go directly to the timeshare company and use their programs. “Timeshare Exit Companies” however will take your money effectively rendering you not qualified. Do not fall victim to this as the cost is high. Call our office. We would rather help you at no cost than hurt you by taking your money.

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