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timeshare sale representation

sell and close your timeshare purchase transaction with o'grady law group

Do you have an offer to buy your timeshare?

Do you have an offer to buy your timeshare and need representation to ensure it is not a scam? We can help. Our team of attorneys and investigators can review the contract and help you navigate the difficult process of selling your timeshare and closing the transaction. 

But first there are a couple of factors to consider:

What have other timeshare owners sold their “units” for? Not what they have the units listed for – the sales price.

This is something you need to figure out.

Do you have true ownership in a piece of real estate in the form of a fractionalized deed? One way to determine this is your deed. Some clues could be the language on your deed. For example: if your deed states “Week 26 Unit 1002” or something to that effect you may have true ownership. Some timeshare developers make it a bit more confusing.

And are all parties on the Deed alive and willing to cooperate? You will need full cooperation from all parties to sell your timeshare. If you do not have full cooperation, call our office and we can explain other options.

If you have a mortgage, you will most likely not be able to sell your timeshare. There are always exceptions. Call our office and we can explain why and what the solution is.

Not all timeshare companies are willing to let you sell your “ownership.” You may need approval from them. Often, they have first right to buy it or take it back. Some timeshare developers will pay you to take your “ownership” back. Review your contract or call our office and we can review it for you. There is no need to enter into an agreement to sell your timeshare only to have your deal killed at the end by your timeshare developer.


Let us do the hard work for you so you can move past timeshare ownership.

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