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why use an attorney?

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Why should you hire a law firm to be released from your timeshare contract?

Attorneys are licensed with the State BAR who controls their professional licenses, regulates their continuing education, and disciplines them in the event they commit a wrong concerning their clients. “Exit Companies” are not licensed with anyone. They literally operate outside of the law and one could suggest giving legal advice without being a law firm. 

Attorneys have at least 7 years of education and have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get where they are at. To open an exit company, you need nothing. No professional license, no insurance, not even a business license. 

There is no recourse if an exit company takes your money and closes down. Attorneys have to answer to the BAR in their state and have professional insurance. In the event they die the State BAR’s have protocol for that scenario.


You would never hire a non-attorney in any other situation for a legal issue. WHY would you hire an “exit company” to help you with such an important financial problem?

Our attorneys are experienced and successful when it comes to timeshare disputes. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it for you.

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