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Take back control of your vacations, your finances, and your life. You do not need to be stuck in a timeshare contract.

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We hear complaints every day from individuals who believe the signature on their timeshare contract was obtained by fraud.  The debt the timeshare contract creates generally outweigh the benefits it provides and when you discover the true cost it does not save you money and you often cannot afford it in the first place.   

You can complain about the lies, misleading information or omissions of critical information, the presentation that lasted hours on end instead of the promised ninety minutes, that you were worn down physically and emotionally by the end, and how you were rushed through signing page after page of the contract on an electronic signature program.  

You can go on and on about the shock of receiving the first bill, or the surprise you felt when you finally read the contract, the utter frustration of being unable to book a vacation only to find rooms available at the same resort and the same time on a third-party travel website all while you are paying fees to maintain the properties, told you don’t have enough points or given some other reason that you cannot get reservations.  

Regretfully, going over these disturbing series of events often does not seem to carry much legal weight.  It is your word against theirs and you signed a contract full of waivers and disclaimers that protect the developer which is often the answer you get to your complaint.  This only makes you madder, so you go out and hire an exit company who claims to specialize in timeshare exit, have inside information, and guarantee to get results only to be left holding the bag when they disappear compounding your anger. 

If you find yourself in any of these positions, it is imperative that you hire a licensed attorney.  Call us today to put an end to the madness.

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