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    O’Grady Law Group delivers personalized strategies to resolve real estate, mortgage and timeshare disputes with the individualized attention each client deserves. O’Grady Law Group is comprised of a team of experienced attorneys and industry professionals. We offer our clients a means to put their upside down mortgage, timeshare purchases, and financials stresses behind them, without resorting to bankruptcy. We do not advise our clients to enter into agreements with their mortgage holders/lenders and timeshare developers only to find themselves back in the same situation or worse.

    We specialize helping timeshare owners and struggling homeowners get out from underneath the burden of their debt, permanently, so they can move with their lives. At O’Grady Law Group, our clients concerns are handled by an attorney. You will not be handed off to a paralegal and lose contact with your attorney. We pride ourselves on a level of customer service that larger law firms cannot provide.

    Many of our clients are unaware that they have options when facing the financial challenges of owning a timeshare or an upside down home. First and foremost, our role is to counsel our clients and inform them of the choices they have. Unfortunately, far too many people feel all they can do when faced with this situation is to file bankruptcy or sell their timeshare. We give our clients the tools to fight back, exercise their rights to get out from underneath their timeshare or upside down property, relieve them of their debts, and move on from their financial worries. We show our clients that they are not powerless and have the choice to act instead of giving up and giving in.

    O’Grady Law Group dedicates its practices to guiding its clients to their goals freeing themselves from the burden of their, timeshare, mortgage, and achieving their financial goals. We help reduce the impact on their credit and send them on the path to regaining control of their personal finances. For many of our clients, finding a resolution for their timeshare or upside down property is all they need to begin taking steps forward with their lives.