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  • We receive lots of questions from our Clients regarding the legal terms in their timeshare contract and that are sometimes referenced in our blog. In order to clarify the meaning of these terms so that people can understand them we have provided a glossary of terms below:

    The steps below need to be completed to settle your case:

    • Sign the engagement letter so that our office can represent you.
    • If you are asked to complete a task by our office please do it immediately and accurately. Waiting or completing something incorrectly could affect the outcome of your case.
    • Complete the timeshare intake form.
    • Our office will then send the cease and desist letter so that your timeshare developer does not contact you moving forward.
    • Once you have followed the initial instructions from our office do not contact your timeshare developer for any reason unless you receive instructions from our office to do so for a specific reason. Your timeshare developer may call you but do not speak to them. They are aware you are represented by our firm. Also, you could receive calls from third party companies pretending to be your timeshare developer. Just disregard ALL phone calls from sources of this nature. If you receive anything in the mail from your timeshare developer simply scan and email or fax to our office. We will handle the rest.
    • Send our office all your contracts via fax or email.
    • Complete your story using our guidelines, your story should be a first-person narrative of your experience with your timeshare developer including how you ended up at the resort, how you ended up in the presentation, the exact date of your purchase, the misrepresentations which were made to you and how you found out they were misrepresentations after you purchased.
    • Once you have completed the intake form, your story, and send in your contract and only after you have done all these things Mr. O’Grady will schedule an interview with you to go over your story. This interview will last approximately 30 minutes Our office will then draft the demand letter.
    • We will then send you a draft of the demand letter to ensure that it is factually accurate.
    • Once you have approved the demand letter we will forward the demand to your timeshare developer. It generally takes approximately 30-60 days to get a response and sometime longer, so you will need to bear with us during this time. The timeshare developers get many complaints and are often backed up with complaints so it can take time to get a response.
    • Your timeshare developer will respond in several different ways. They will deny they did anything wrong and our office will have to push to negotiate a settlement. This can take several months so please be patient. Your timeshare developer may request additional information in that case we will have to draft a follow up demand. Finally, your timeshare developer may make a settlement offer in the form of a cancellation of the contract and potentially a refund.
    • Once your timeshare developer has issued a settlement offer, we will send the offer to you in written form asking if you accept or deny the offer, the choice is yours. This form is for our office and can be sent back via fax or email.
    • In some cases your timeshare Developer may also send a release agreement with an offer and we will send you this document as well. If that is the case, we will need you to send back the release via mail to our office. Please do not send any documents directly to your timeshare developer.
    • If you accept the settlement, once you have returned the offer letter from our office we will notify your timeshare developer that you have accepted the settlement and they will issue a release agreement and potentially a deed. It can take several weeks for the release and deed to be issued by the timeshare developer.
    • If you accept the settlement and you have received a refund we will need you to pay the contingency fee at this point because your timeshare developer will issue the refund directly to the form of the payment or directly to you via a check in your name. Due to the failure of Clients in the past to pay after the settlement is completed we request payment prior to finalizing the settlement.
    • Our office will send you the release and if necessary the deed. We will need you to sign these documents and mail the original signed documents to our office. We must have the originals and cannot accept scanned or faxed copies.
    • Our office will then forward the release and deed if necessary to your timeshare developer.
    • Once they have received the signed release your timeshare developer will finalize the settlement and return the finalized settlement agreement and issue a refund if this is part of your settlement. This can take anywhere between 30 and 60 days.
    • After we have received the finalized release agreement we will send you a copy along with a closing letter from our office at which point our representation of your ends.