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Timeshare case process

If you are in receipt of this email, we have communicated over the phone and thank you for contacting our office to represent you on your timeshare matter. We have included our contact information below. Please send an email response back to our office confirming receipt and that you have read and understood this email. 

Please take the time to read this entire email so that you understand the process moving forward. You will be receiving several emails from our automated software. Please check your spam as sometimes our emails will end up there. It is very important that we communicate as much as possible through email for both the purposes of retaining the conversations in our system and to save time so that we can focus on negotiating with your Timeshare Developer. The goal is to get you out of your obligation as quickly as possible and that should be our focus.

If you have received an email requesting your story, draft and forward it to our office as soon as possible. We will need your story, the intake form that was sent to you, and copies of your contract(s) before we can submit your file. The more detailed your story is (based on the guidelines that have been forwarded to you) the better your chances are of a positive outcome. Send everything your timeshare developer gave you at the point of sale and if you received an electronic tablet from them send that as well. 

Here are some guidelines for working with our office which will make the process easier for everyone:

If you have a question or concern email is the best way to reach us and receive a quick response. We are on the phone all day and you will most likely get an instant response to your questions via email as opposed to waiting for a callback. If it is truly an emergency feel free to call but email your concerns first so we are able to respond when you call. This will provide both you and our office with a written record of what was said so there is no confusion.

If we send you an email, please respond to the email confirming that you have received it and follow the instructions to the best of your ability. If you are asked to complete an online form and are technically unable please try to find a family member or friend that can help before asking us to use another solution. This will keep your matter moving forward more quickly and efficiently and allow our office to focus on negotiating with your Timeshare Developer.

If you receive anything in the mail from your Timeshare Developer or a collection company working on behalf of your timeshare scan and email it to our office. If you are unable to scan you can fax it without a cover page as our fax is secure and goes directly to our server. If you do not have a scanner or fax you can take a photo with your phone and email it. Do not panic and call simply send the document to our office and we will respond promptly. Please do not send collection documents that are not related to your timeshare matter.

If your Timeshare Developer calls you under no circumstances should you communicate with them. Simply hang up and if they leave a voicemail just delete it. Communicating with them could potentially jeopardize the outcome of your case.

Once you retain our office we will immediately contact your Timeshare Developer once you have followed the preliminary protocol for starting your case (Tradebloc, Autopay, needs list). They may continue to call during the settlement period so please disregard, as you are represented by counsel. Some timeshare developers will cooperate and forward all communications to our office. Some will simply ignore our demands to stop the calls and unfortunately that is part of the process. We do not need to be contacted if you receive a call from them.

We have a formula that has been compiled based on our research and past history that we have gathered from your Developer. It has been successful in the past and if at all possible do not deviate from it unless you absolutely have to. If you do, it will more than likely have a negative impact on your case. For example, it is important that you do not use your Timeshare during the negotiation process. If you deviate it will affect your case.

If you have put the down payment or maintenance fees on a credit card, Pay Pal, and/or Bill Me Later keep paying the minimum payment until we are finished with your case. If you receive a refund from your Timeshare Developer after the case is settled you can pay off your credit cards, etc. In the event that you do not receive a refund, you will still be responsible for payment of the balance you put on your credit cards, etc.

Should our office be able to negotiate a refund to cover any balances that may have been put on a Paypal, Barclays, or any other account you may have used when purchasing the timeshare we will take payment of our 33.33% contingency fee (per your engagement letter) prior to completing the settlement of your case. The reason for this is timeshare developers will put language in their settlements that states the refunds will go back to the “means you used for your down payment” which translates to Paypal or developer branded credit cards. The funds do not come directly to our office and cannot be deposited into our trust account and divided. So payment needs to be made prior to protect our contingency fees. If you used a check or have paid off that account the refund will come in the form of a check in YOUR NAME ONLY and we will FedEx it out to you. If you have paid off Paypal or Barclays please send a statement with a $0 balance to our office so that we can forward it to the legal department. The funds are to pay off the balances that remain on Paypal or Barclays. A small percentage of timeshare settlement clients nationwide receive a refund as part of their settlement. If you receive funds as part of your settlement it is the best possible outcome. It typically takes about six weeks to receive funds after the settlement agreement is signed. 

Timeshare disputes may affect your credit. If you apply for credit and are denied there is no reason to call our office. It is unfortunately part of the process and we are aware of it. After we have resolved your case you can work on repairing your credit and in some cases during the process. In some instances, we may be able to obtain deletion language from your developer which you can send the credit bureaus if the derogatory accounts are not removed after settlement. All cases at our office get signed up with Tradebloc and if you follow the protocol you should not have any issues.

This is a team effort and you have invested a significant amount of money to resolve your timeshare issues. We need to work together to achieve success and we appreciate your cooperation. Remember there is a reason you contacted our office for help and we do not take cases unless there is fraud and/or misrepresentation by the timeshare developer and their representatives to get you to sign the contract. We need to be on the same team and our office should never become the target of your frustration or the enemy. We are here to help you and this process is going to take time. Not by our choice but by your timeshare companies’ choice. The timeshare developers have a “Lobbying Group” by the name of ARDA-ROC which you pay for as part of your maintenance fees. This group only protects the timeshare developers and not the owners. The timeshare developers will also be sending out propaganda stating that “you do not need to hire an attorney we will let you out of your ownership” which is misleading unless your timeshare is paid in full. They will also attempt to make our office and other law offices out to be bad and may even suggest that our actions are criminal or fraudulent. Nothing could be further from the truth and every American deserves the right to be represented by an attorney if they feel they have been wronged in a transaction.

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