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  • Our firm is centered around protecting the rights of our clients through aggressive representation. The O’Grady Law Group has regularly achieved practical results, in a timely manner, against timeshare companies who use unfair, fraudulent and deceptive trade practices. Further, O’Grady Law Group has been able assist Clients who can no longer afford their timeshare due to financial, health and personal difficulties.

    Unfortunately, many people contact our office not understanding their options and believing their only option is to sell their timeshare or keep it and endure making the payments. O’Grady Law Firm recognizes the nearly non-existent re-sale market makes timeshare transfer a very frustrating and uncertain process. O’Grady Law Group has been able to enjoy significant success in getting timeshare contracts cancelled through a variety of means including direct negotiation, administrative filings, and litigation. Further, O’Grady Law Group is often able to get the timeshare developers to waive any outstanding debt and in some cases we are able to get a refund from the timeshare developer for our clients.
    If you have purchased a timeshare and want to relieve yourself of this obligation please give us a call for a free consultation at (702) 721-8708.

    Free gifts, bonus weeks, VIP status, lofty promises and other people celebrating their timeshare purchase. These things may have been part of your timeshare purchase along with the exciting thought of being able to vacation in exotic locations.

    Until you return home and review the documents then reality sets in.

    When we sat down to consider our initial blog post, we had many ideas based upon all of the questions we receive from Clients such as:

    • What are the legal and financial consequences of “walking away” from my timeshare?
    • How much is my timeshare really worth?
    • What method should I use to get out of my unwanted timeshare?
    • How should I transfer my property, sell it, or donate it?

    The list of questions goes on and on and we will address them in future posts. We thought as an initial post we would address why you’re here, you’re here because you’re looking for competent and efficient legal services at a reasonable rate.

    There are many options in the internet age, advocacy groups, Google, discussion boards, and resale companies all offering their services and advice. So why go through the time and expense to hire timeshare attorney? There is the old adage of “you get what you pay for” and with that in mind, the following are some of the reasons why you should hire an experienced timeshare attorney.


    Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, O’Grady Law Group is situated in a major timeshare market near the headquarters and billing offices of several major timeshare developers. We have extensive experience working with all major timeshare developers. Our attorneys have experience dealing with all real estate matters, including litigation and loss mitigation. Perhaps most important, we have a track record of successful negotiations with the major developers in the timeshare industry, and can resolve your timeshare obligation in a timely and cost efficient manner. All other forms of assistance cannot provide you with accurate legal advice and advocacy with the assurances you get from hiring an attorney.


    Unfortunately, many of our Clients have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous resale companies and have lost money after seeking assistance to resolve their timeshare issues. When you hire O’Grady Law Group, you enter an attorney-client relationship. The implications of this relationship requires our office to provide competent legal services. Prior to retaining our office and in our attorney-client agreement, we set forth the services we provide so that you have a clear understanding of what we have been hired to do. We are also here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We return our clients calls and have a 24-hour return call policy. Meaning we will call you back in 24 hours, unless it is a weekend or major holiday then we will call back the first business day after your call.

    You also have the comfort of knowing the attorney has undergone a full background check. As part of the admission process to the State Bar we must undergo a full character and fitness evaluation to ensure we are fit to practice law. Every attorney is also required to register with the state bar, needs to be in good standing, and have no disciplinary proceedings against them for failure to comply with ethical rules. These requirements are done not only to protect the profession but also to protect the public from individuals who are not fit to entrust with your legal issues.


    The Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to communicate with the client. When you hire an attorney, you can rely on the attorney to return your phone calls. In addition, you will receive updates on the status of your case, candid advice, and our independent professional judgment. Most importantly, we are required to consult you regarding the settlement of your case, the choice is up to you. All of these things are designed to give you peace of mind that your timeshare matter is being handled competently.

    Unlike your timeshare purchase we will not provide you with lofty promises. We provide our unvarnished opinion on what we believe your best legal options are to resolve your timeshare matter. We were not there when you made your purchase and would have advised against it, but that time has passed. You owe it to yourself not to continue to fall victim to false promises and protect your family and your financial future by hiring a timeshare attorney. If you do not hire O’Grady Law Group be sure to retain a timeshare attorney that can represent you for the difficult decision on what to do with your timeshare or vacation ownership.

    Call us today for a free consultation at 702-721-8708!