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Watch this video to learn how O’Grady Law Group can help you escape from the burden of timeshare ownership.


Most of our clients do not like the restrictions of a timeshare. When they are attending a sales presentation the difficulty of booking a vacation is never discussed. After the purchase they find the process to be difficult and restrictive. They want to travel free of the timeshare company’s availability issues. What most have found is that although they are unable to obtain a reservation, the company that owns their timeshare is advertising rooms during the time they want to use it. And the rates are much less than they are paying to “own”. It is simply not fair but seeing is believing. Enter what you are paying to “own” your timeshare below.



Total of annual Mortgage Payments


Total of annual Maintenance Fees


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Total Cost of Mortgage


Total Cost over 10 years


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Thank you for your interest in working with O’Grady Law Group to resolve the issues you have with your timeshare developer. We have a very good history of getting positive results on cases of this nature. In order to determine if we can take your case, we will need you to provide the items on the list below. Once we have these items we will call you back and go over the cost and strategy.

This will be emailed to you electronically out of our legal software after we speak. Please take your time and complete it accurately. Once completed there is a submit button at the bottom. If you click on the submit button the form will come back to us and attach to your case in our software. A copy will also be automatically emailed to you at the same time. 

After we speak you will receive an email with guidelines for writing your story about the timeshare purchase(s) based on the information we need to help you. Please type this story in the body of an email or attach a Word Document to the email. The more detail you can provide concerning dates, salespeople you talked to, and timelines the better the chance of success for your case. Examples of stories will be below the guidelines if you need some understanding as to what we are looking for. This information is important in both determining if you have a good case and the potential outcome. This narrative is separate from the intake form and even if you expand in the form we need your story. 

Please email or fax(No Fax Cover Sheet) all documents out of the package the timeshare developer gave you at the point of purchase. We do not need the PUBLIC OFFERING or the Association Documents. Do this for every purchase and separate/save/name so that we can differentiate each purchase on our end.  Please ensure that the contract(s) documents are upright and legible and not just thrown together. We also need any proof that the salesperson misrepresented the timeshare at the point of sale or shortly after. If you have any text messages, handwritten notes, or any other pertinent information that you think would help your case please let us know and forward that information as well. We basically need any items or information that would help your case.  If you have multiple contracts and/or a lot of information to send to our office we recommend that you use a USPS Flat Rate Box  Once we receive the documents they will be sorted, scanned, and mailed back in the exact same box. The boxes are in document size with different thicknesses depending on how many contracts you need to send. 

While your timeshare account is still active please go on to the timeshare companies website and attempt to book a trip. If the days you want to go are unavailable please take a screenshot of this. Next, google your resort and see if the same days are available on a travel site if you were to pay. Take a screenshot of the availability. Do this using multiple dates. Next email the screenshots to our office. If you have questions about this give us a call.

a note on exit companies

There are many “Timeshare Exit’ Companies out there operating unlicensed and unregulated. Companies like this are staffed by the very people who sold the timeshare to you. There are also many law firms that will take cases against timeshare companies not completely understanding the level of difficulty because they do not have experience in this area of the law. If you have contacted any of these companies, understand that they are not our competition. They are not going to handle your case with the care and professionalism that we will. We are an actual law firm and we have a lot of experience dealing with timeshare companies. Please visit the internet to see what our clients have to say about their experience with our office CLICK HERE.

We look forward to helping you. 

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