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  • Does Hiring an Attorney to Exit a Timeshare Cost A lot?

    Timeshare CalculatorThis is one of the most common questions our office receives. Most people when contacting an attorney are concerned that it will cost them more to exit the timeshare than it will cost them to keep it. Getting out of a timeshare is a difficult time consuming process. If charged at an hourly rate, it could be cost prohibitive. However, our office takes on timeshare matters on a flat fee. Our flat fee is competitive with non-attorney timeshare exit companies with the added benefit of getting legal advice and knowing you are not being taken advantage of by a scam. This flat fee depends upon the circumstances of the Client. For example, if a Client comes to us with a timeshare that is paid off and the fees have not gotten out of control the costs for our services are generally minimal. On the other hand, if a Client comes to us with multiple timeshares which have outstanding mortgages it will involve significantly more work and the costs will be greater. Our office offers monthly payment plans which allow you to spread out the cost over several months to make it more affordable.

    The other aspect to consider is the cost over time of keeping the timeshare. Timeshare owners are obligated to pay their maintenance fees for their lifetime. The lifetime costs of maintenance fees are generally significantly more than the cost for our office to get our Clients out of their timeshare. This does even take into account the costs of the mortgage and interest payments which at the high interest rates in the contract significantly outweigh the cost of hiring our office to get out of your timeshare. Calculate and compare the cost of timeshare ownership with our Timeshare Calculator. Finally, if a Client is hit with a special assessment fees these fees can far outweigh the cost of paying a one-time fee to exit the timeshare. When considering the lifetime maintenance fees, mortgage and potential special assessment fees, it makes the most financial sense in the long term to pay a one-time fee to exit a timeshare rather than the total costs you’d be stuck paying if you kept it.

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