Most of our clients do not like the restrictions of a timeshare. When they are attending a sales presentation the difficulty of booking a vacation is never discussed. After the purchase they find the process to be difficult and restrictive. They want to travel free of the timeshare company’s availability issues. What most have found is that although they are unable to obtain a reservation the company that owns their timeshare is advertising rooms during the time they want to use it. And the rates are much less than they are paying to “own”. It is simply not fair but seeing is believing. Enter what you are paying to “own” your timeshare below.

Other factors to consider:

Over time your maintenance fees will increase and acts of nature and costs of updating resorts could be passed on to you. After all you are an owner in the true sense of the word. What you own now may not get you equal time in the future. Most timeshare companies change the rules to encourage you to purchase more.